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Bethenny Frankel



The company

Pesos Goyo, S.L. was founded in October 1980, since its inception we have developed a continuous growth, thanks to the careful selection of the best frozen fish and seafood, imported from more than 40 countries, offering our customers the most extensive range of top quality products with The maximum guarantee. We carry out a rigorous care in the different phases of the Selection, Conservation, Elaboration and Transport process of our products, with the highest quality control, through periodic external audits and analyzes in Hygiene and Food Safety, verifying the correct functioning of the product. self control system. He is currently immersed in a process of continuous improvement that has led us to the implementation and certification of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Within our desire to excel is the goal of implementing ISO 14001: 2015 certification, but meanwhile, we are working on a direct commitment to the environment and the management of optimization of resources in all the activities we carry out. Thanks to the confidence shown by our customers, and the human team of the highly qualified and constantly trained company to perform their tasks in the most correct and competitive way, Pescados Goyo, SL, has become a top-level company in the import sector of frozen seafood.